WELCOME TO Virtuel Air Alsace

Hello everyone.

The website used from 2005 to 2018 was a CMS named "e107". It has undergone major updates in 2010 and 2014, and several others throughout the last years.

From July 2018 to July 2019 we carried out an update of our system (server, site, forum, members).

Today, it's time to rejuvenate and use a system known as VAM (Virtual Airlines Manager) with a tracker named SimAcars.

We are starting from scratch with a new forum and a list of drivers revised downward.

Why this choice ? Out of 37 registered pilots, only 10 were flying and complying with the rules. We (I) decided to do a redesign and to thank the active pilots who helped me to test the new system, they will continue with the flight hours made during the tests.

On the server side, we operate Kimsufi from OVH where we manage Teamspeak 3 website, forum and voice server.

For flight servers we use the following networks FFS2Play, IVAO and VATSim.

Our virtual company wants to be friendly without any headaches, we just want pilots present, motivated, loving to share their passion both in simulation and in real life.

We have and accept all levels. Beginners wishing to learn to fly with their simulator, as pilots wishing to get as close as possible to the real.

If you want to fly in a group with maps, checklists, phraseology or just without a fuss, our virtual company is for you and opens its doors.

We are waiting for a first briefing in the pilot room of our Teamspeak3 server. Do not stay in the shadows because the purpose of a V.A is not to fly in your corner, but to fly in a group or communicate together on our flights to overcome loneliness precisely.

@ Soon in voice and in flight !!!

The head of the V.A.A
Eric / VAA068


Pilots 9
Aircraft in fleet 89
Routes 222
Total hours: 769:24
Flights total 708
Flights Regular 243
Flights Charter 465
% Flights Regular 34.32 %





CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight Time
VAA030Christophe GOFFIN  UUYY  ULMM 21-09-2019 01:39
VAA954Daniel GOUPIL  LFSB  LFKB 21-09-2019 00:58
VAA030Christophe GOFFIN  ULLI  UUYY 21-09-2019 01:30
VAA030Christophe GOFFIN  UUDD  ULLI 21-09-2019 01:09
VAA193Patrick GRASSER  LFKX  LFHE 21-09-2019 01:04